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The Bloodline System

NovelThe Bloodline SystemThe Bloodline System
Chapter 164 – Next Phase zoom wild
For whatever reason, the MBO thought to not reveal this info whilst they possessed it.
Especially the batch he came in with earlier.
A brilliant flash of mild came out during the place surrounding the participants.
Space was a very little loud immediately after listening to that. The people now had appears of comprehension.
One participant was teleported a moment ago from that spot.
20 or so individuals stood up off their sitting jobs and walked on the pillar after discovering their variety.
“The subscription course of action shall begin,” He voiced out before vanishing in addition to a display of lighting.
The sound from the mankind who experienced just eventually left echoed throughout the sizeable space.
The Bloodline System
One hour 30 minutes afterwards, Gustav sensed one thing and looked up.
An hour half an hour down the road, Gustav sensed a thing and searched up.
“I will,” Angy muttered with a look of determination.
As soon as the display of lighting faded, anyone in the orange-tinted military services-like coat with black colored stripes could be witnessed standing upright there.
Trruunnnuuuu! Trruunnnuuuu! Trruunnnuuuu!
The Bloodline System
Chatter! Chatter! Chatter!
The individuals didn’t recognize that the MBO desired everybody to participate in the next examination blindly, without the need of any idea of what their other participants’ durability was.
‘The number of participants in this venue should be at least ten thousand. How is it that only about one thousand made it to this place?’ Gustav wondered.
The voice of the guy who experienced just still left echoed along the substantial place.
The amount of contributors inside the significant place place was near 2000. Nonetheless, the pillars were definitely no more than twenty in variety.
Chatter! Chatter! Chatter!
Especially the batch he came in with earlier.
Chatter! Chatter! Chatter!
In a few seconds, he disappeared from his spot.
The people began to begin talks with each other.
Gradier Xanatus’s thoughts proved their suspicions.
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‘This place is really huge, so I’m sure it will be able to fit the ten thousand people… What could be MBO’s reason for this separation?’ Gustav couldn’t help but think the MBO was playing at something again.
Some of them still had a grudge against him due to what happened earlier. However, at this moment, they could tell that his bearing wasn’t that of an ordinary person.
One hour thirty minutes later, Gustav sensed a thing and searched up.
The Bloodline System
These pillars possessed two palm prints on every one of their health that glowed glowing blue.
Angy was still seated, waiting for her number to be shown. When she saw Gustav getting up, she felt a wave of uneasiness and disappointment hit her.
After several had been picked as well as their hands were scanned, the approach was accomplished. The participants who possessed gone through the task vanished from other standing upright position.
Above one of the pillars on the left, the number on Gustav’s palm was displayed.
“Spot YOUR HAND ON THE PALM TO CONFIRM YOUR Id AND Start Working On The Subsequent Point!”
“Goodluck Gustav,” She voiced out with a smile.
In the event the display of lightweight disappeared, anyone within the orange-pigmented armed service-like coat with dark-colored stripes may be seen standing upright there.
The tone of voice with the person who acquired just eventually left echoed over the huge place.
Chapter 164 – After that Period

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