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Unrivaled Medicine God

NovelUnrivaled Medicine GodUnrivaled Medicine God
Chapter 2410 – Give You Ten Breaths! burly harmonious
The threat of fatality success him go-on!
Unrivaled Medicine God
8 breaths of time were sufficient for Yuan Zhen to flee a distance of countless tens of millions of kilometers.
However these ideas nonetheless erupted in his ears!
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Once the Divine Children Legion’s warriors discovered this arena, every one of them was dumbfounded with shock.
Then, he got out a bow and arrow unhurriedly.
Suffocatingly solid!
Before, people were really wrecked via the divine little ones army.
Then, his consciousness slowly grew to be blurry.
No, wait. It was not that 9-scars powerhouses were fragile, but that Ye Yuan was too powerful!
The whole place was deathly muted.
When he applied the Countless G.o.d Getting rid of Bow yet again, the strength long already could not be described during the very same inhalation!
Unrivaled Medicine God
During the past, Ye Yuan’s kingdom was inadequate and can even not release the genuine energy of a Dao artifact at all.
Even when they suddenly lost the Doomsday Challenge on the individuals, they also would not truly feel that they were a whole lot worse than humans.
Then, his awareness slowly became unclear.
Before, these were really wrecked by the divine young children army.
Finally, as it measured because of 7, he could not take a position it any longer and went significantly!
But this period, the target shut onto Li Qing!
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Six breaths of time were adequate for Yuan Zhen to flee a yardage of numerous tens of thousands of long distances.
Fusing three terrific electrical power of legislation, this sword relocate could virtually minimize every thing on the globe!
Unrivaled Medicine God
His body below his neck area was already divided from his head!
These words and phrases continue to exploded as part of his ears!
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These folks were very pleased and conceited!
The Divine Children Legion was still in a very daze when Wan Zhen and the some others already roared loudly and incurred above.
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It was a real significant irony!
The sunlight sword flashed recent gently, Li Qing was similarly decapitated.
He desperately wished to enhance his quickness, but that atmosphere was even now continuously closing in.

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